Sigil crashes when trying to open a file

I am running Manjaro 64-bit GNOME.

I have installed Sigil e_pub editor from the repos and all seems to be OK until you try to open an existing epub file.
As soon as you try to open an epub, Sigil just shuts down.
All other functions seem to be OK.

When running from a terminal I get the following messages:

  1. Running Sigil from the command line:
    Warning: “/proc/13329/root”

  2. Trying to open an epub file:
    zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped) sigil

Any help would be appreciated.

p.s. I have also tried compiling the latest version myself and I get exactly the same result.

Does this happen when you open a specific epub file or any file?

Hi, cges30901!

Thank you for the reply.
No, it doesn’t even get that far.
As soon as I click on the menu item to open a file, Sigil crashes.
Interestingly, if I create a dummy file and save it, I can re-open it by selecting the ‘Recent Files’ option in the menu.