Shutting down wpa_supplicant and network manager takes many time


First of all sorry for my poor english.

I have a Raspberry pi 4 with Manjaro KDE, and it runs very well.

The problem is that sometimes when it shutting down the process stops for several minutes on the wpa_supplicant and network_manager line.
This is not always, maybe half of the times.

There is any solution for this?


I do not use KDE but have not noticed that here. It is weird that it would do that 50% of the time and be ok the rest of the time. Do you have crda installed and your Country code configured?


@/acharco …

I am running Manjaro 5.15 KDE now. This slowdown shutdown appears to have been managed. Prior to this, my kernels were doing the exact same thing. I would need to press the CPU reset button to get out of the endless wpa_supplicant and NetworkManager shutdown loop.

This leads me to believe it is a kernel bug, and nothing my own local machine is doing.

Good luck, friend!

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There was an issue with the kernel a while back and I posted a temp fix using iwd/networkmanager here:


Thank you all

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