Shutdown acts differentely almost each time

nothing major,I’m just curious if it’s normal in Linux,or specifically on Manjaro,that the shutdown process is different almost each time?
here are a few examples after clicking shut down :
-black screen a sec or two then SD.
-black screen,asus logo,black screen,asus logo shut down.
-same as above,but with the known message somewhere in between about sd unmount something etc.
-black screen,asus logo once then SD.
and so on.
sometimes it takes a few seconds and others a minute ±.

Do you use plymouth ?

no I’m not.

Here is an article with some tips.

so i guess it’s not normal and when you shut down it’s a matter of seconds with no weird shenanigans;
I will not bother with it as it is usually quit fast and the max(a minute±)is not that bad.
it’s mostly that it was weird to me that the shutdown process “animation” wasn’t always the same.