Shutdown[1]: Failed to wait for process: Protocol error

I have been getting the above error message since last updates(kernel?). Its hard to catch the error message. There are several of the same message.

Finally I read Protocol error, and found over on Arch forums a discussion on the subject. I’m surprised no one here has seen the error message.

bug report:


Seeing it too! 6-8 lines with the same message under a split of a second before the computer reboot or shutdown. I tought it didn’t matter since nothing seams broken, what i know?

Same for me
Didn’t pay too much attention, though
Kernel 4.14.19-1

Same here kernel 4.15.4-2

Yep, and the one before…

also here

A. Yes, it’s a Systemd 237 bug.
B. Downgrade to Systemd 236 fixes it (for now).


Good to know, thanks! Don’t know if it bothers me enough to that, though…

My guess is that this may be because most people don’t have verbose boot/shutdown, so they don’t even see it. And even though I have got my system set up that way, it took me a while to spot it - after all, how many people really watch the messages on shutdown?

I just noticed that my machine was getting to poweroff remarkably quickly since one of the recent big updates. It doesn’t seem to create any problems, but it’s worrying that it might, at some point.

It doesn’t make any problem for system. Supposedly, arch hook and systemd has some problem. Will be fixed in the next release or arch update.

mine powered off so quickly… sad those days are gone :wink:

The latest release updated the systemd package , but the bug still not fixed.


Maybe check with systemd v237.64-2 from unstable.

It just got moved to stable, updating now and will report back if this is fixed.

error still there for me after update…

I am on unstable and it’s still there…


There are now about a dozen or so shutdown error messages, can’t read them they scroll too quickly, but I think they are related to systemd not able to deactivate luks devices on shutdown.

Feb 25 manjaro-hp systemd-cryptsetup[1588]: Failed to deactivate: Device or resource busy
Feb 25 manjaro-hp systemd-cryptsetup[1590]: Failed to deactivate: Device or resource busy

Getting this on multiple fully encrypted laptops and a fully encrypted VM, once message per encrypted partition.

with tonights update of libsystemd to 237.64-1 my shutdown errors multiplied significantly…

Whatever you did here can you please undo, has made the shutdown situation worse, many more errors being thrown and concerning luks partition errors too.


I can confirm that on two of my unstable installs (one in VBox and one on a experimental machine)

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