Shrinking the first partition and adding space to second partition

I have a 512GB HD, which came with Windows pre-installed. I sliced the original Windows C: partition into two pieces, giving around 192GB to Manjaro.

Now, I need more space for Manjaro. So I figured I’d carve up an empty piece of the first partition (shrink it by 50-60GB) and extend my Manjaro main parition.

Problem is, I can’t do that. I tried in both the KDE Partition Manager and Windows’ disk management, and I couldn’t achieve it. The best I can do is shrink the Windows partition by 50-60GB.

For some reason, neither OS allows me to move the new, unused partition so that it’s after the Linux one (nor move the Linux one back). In terms of diagram, it looks like this:

[Windows           ][Empty][Manjaro     ]

Here’s a diagram of KDE Parition Manager, with the new/empty partition selected in the middle; Windows on the left, and Linux on the right.

  • Use windoze to shrink windoze partition from right to the left ←
  • Use another system (such as a live USB + gparted) to move your linux partition to the far left ←
  • Then grow the linux partition to the right →

(you cannot move the empty space itself, nor augment the partition when it is mounted)

This is the not-completely-but-more-safe method I would employ on a modern ssd/nvme with your situation.

Looks like you already completed step one.


Make sure to make a backup upfront, these type of operations could lead to full data loss if something is going wrong.