Showing Black Desktop

So basically there was no problem at first when I first installed manjaro it was running good and fastly. But yesterday when I downloaded a repo named (KWin Low Latency) and then uninstalled later on and now I’m not able to open System Settings its showing " System Settings failed to execute can’t load" something something like that. Then I tried to reboot the system and now I’m getting broken login page and I fix that somehow but when I entered to desktop it is black and blank and only cursor is visible
Can someone help me with this ? ^

Hello @RPS,

perhaps by uninstall the package you mentioned some dependent packages where removed too.

You can take look in the file ‘pacman.log’ which you can find here:


You can also use this command to get a list which packages where removed (have a look at the date):

cat /var/log/pacman.log | grep removed

So you have a summary which packages you need to reinstall to make your system work again. :grinning:

The output lines should look like

[2022-01-02T16:51:25+0100] [ALPM] removed kvantum-qt5 (0.20.2-2)

… and tell the removed package (in this example) is called ‘kvantum-qt5’. Thats the exact package name. To install it again you can use this command:

pamac install packagename

Of course with the right package name! :wink:

I short have take a look on the package you install/uninstall (KWin Low Latency).

In order to that it could be you unistalled a core package for KDE (kwin).

Plese try to reinstall this one first:

pamac install kwin