Showfoto: how to apply blur filter on a region-of-interest in an image

I feel rather foolish posting this question, but please bear with me.

I have installed digikam and am using showfoto from it to blur a region-of-interest (ROI) in an image.

I can see the effects of the filters on the whole image, but am unable to select a rectangular region as an ROI.

Can someone please instruct how to select an ROI for a filter.


Applying effects on a partial area is not possible it seems in showfoto. As the name implies, it is ‘more’ for showing photo and less for editing photo :slight_smile:
For that you need a full-fledged editor like Krita / Gimp (or Rawtherapee/ Darktable).

Thank you, @shaunakhub. I have used Gimp to get what I was aiming for in less than two minutes.

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