Should I use default Epson printer driver or epson-inkjet-printer-escpr?

I have an Epson L4168 printer, and luckily, Manjaro is able to automatically detect and install EPSON L4160 Series, driverless, cups-filters 1.28.10 for me. So printing works well.

I also noticed that many people are recommending epson-inkjet-printer-escpr in AUR. So is there any pitfall of the default driver (EPSON L4160 Series, driverless, cups-filters 1.28.10 )? Which one should I use?

Also, currently, I cannot use the scanner functionality. How can I install the correct scanner driver for L4168?

A few months befor I switch from brother to epson. I use “simple-scan” for scanning and cant remember to install any scanner driver.
‘Simple scan’ looks after start for scanners and find my epson xp-4100 scanner in the network without any problem.
So you can try ‘simple scan’ on your side.

… I will also have a look if I had installed any driver for scanning still. :grinning:

P.S. There is also the package ‘epsonscan2’ in the AUR which is (Epson says) the scanner driver for all this devices. But like I said it works without on my side.

It seems that simple-scan only works on gnome, right?

Nope, I’m on xfce. … but it use gtk3 so it seems to be a ‘gnome’ app. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • community/simple-scan 40.6-1
  • aur/simple-scan-3.12 3.12.0-1
  • aur/simple-scan-git 3.38.1.r11.ge11e8864-1

Which one did you install?

community/simple-scan 40.6-1

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Thanks a lot. simple-scan works.

BTW, epsonscan2 is able to detect my printer, but it reports network problems.

I’d say that if you don’t have trouble with the default driver, you can keep this one.

This may help.

GTK3 is merely the graphical toolkit used for its graphical interface. You can still use it on any desktop environment, though for UI consistency you might prefer an application with the same graphical toolkit.

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