Should I troubleshoot remote printing issue on local or remote desktop?

I have a Canon MP630 all-in-one attached by usb to my Manjaro Gnome desktop. It prints fine.
Yesterday I set it to be shared using cupsctl --share-printers and lpadmin -p MP630-series -o printer-is-shared=true and was then able to add it as a network printer on a Raspberry Pi4 running Ubuntu Mate (loboris image). I was able to access the printer settings - change paper size etc - on the RPi4, but when I tried to print a document nothing happened. No error message, no response at all from the printer.
Should I approach troubleshooting on the host (Manjaro) pc or the remote (RPi4)?
And any suggestions as to what the problem might be?

On your host, use:
sudo cupsctl --remote-admin
to enable administration from whatever device in the network, and then
sudo cupsctl --share-printers
to properly share it, then you should be able to print from whatever device in that network

Or try to follow another way, as described here

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Thanks for your help. I hadn’t used the --remote-admin command and after adding that I’m at least getting an error message and troubleshooting process… but no actual printing yet!

Might it help to delete the printer from the remote machine and then try adding it again?

I’ll work through the wiki you posted a link to, though all the options are a bit confusing. What would be the simplest protocol to use?

Still struggling with this I’m sorry to say.
I’ve given a fixed IP to the remote computer and added that IP to “allow” and “listen” in the cupsd.conf file, also added myself and my partner as users, but there’s a lot of stuff in that file and I’ve not understood it all even with the help of those extensive (and for me over-technical) CUPS wiki pages.
Printer pop-up on the remote RPi shows status as “pending”, but no evidence of the print job arriving at the desktop hosting the printer: no jobs showing in CUPS and not a blink from the printer itself. CUPS on the remote computer says “Printer configuration incorrect or printer no longer exists.” I’ve set for debug logging in CUPS on the host computer, but now feel very silly that I can’t find the log file! Ditto on the Rpi. And to return to my OP, should I be looking on the host machine or the remote one for info about the mis-configuration?

Success at last!

Deleting the printer on the remote machine, then adding it, worked this time. Something must have gone wrong the first time I added it. Maybe the tweaks I made to the host computer cupsd.conf file enabled the remote to find and identify it more accurately… Anyway, it’s working now.

Thanks Bogdan for setting me in the right direction.