Should F2FS be the default root filesystem on ARM?

Out of interest, why is EXT4 the used for the root file system on Manjaro ARM? Wouldn’t something like F2FS make more sense?

cause people still use hard drives?

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I’m not aware of any ARM devices supported by Manjaro ARM that do? I guess you can USB boot from some. Fair point.

This topic has been discussed in depth here before.


I’m guessing the bottom line is its instability. Ext4 is virtually indestructible

So… any filesystem gurus around?

I was about to try to use the manjaro-arm-installer to create a SD with f2fs. So I checked the code and darn, not supported. So I thought to modify the code to be compatible with f2fs, but before doing that I revisited the topic with duckduckgo.

I ran across this document which details a very significant reason not to use f2fs on a computer, pi4 included, (I think phones are a bit different).
tldr: f2fs does not recognize write errors… which is a strong reason to never use it.

However, today I found this patch. I am no expert and this code is out of my league, but I think it addresses the issues described for f2fs in the document. If true, it may be time to try f2fs once again… maybe with the 5.15 kernel.

Anyone with a more educated eye, that can determine if I am correct?

Edit: Unfortunately, that patch has not yet been merged, and I don’t think it will be, at least not that version. The existing 5.15-next code does not match. But I think it shows they are working on it.