Should dvdisaster be used further or are there alternative solutions?


Today a general question about dvdisaster or/and a good backup strategy to DVD / Blue-ray?

As an additional backup of my data I am using DVDs and Blue-ray Disks since years. So far, I've bee used dvdisaster to enhance data survivability on optical discs. I don't see M-Disk as an alternative, because I'm bound to the hardware.

Just recently I made the experience that one of my backup hard disks suddenly didn't work anymore.

Now I have noticed that dvdisaster is no longer developed and is no longer included in the official repositories (it was still included in 2017).

Currently dvdisaster can still be installed via AUR, but it is a matter of time until it disappears there as well.

Is there an alternative to dvdisaster that is still under active development?
Or is it possible to create the error detection and correction data via console?

As far as I can tell, any kind of alternative program to dvdisaster is just as dead.
There's software in the AUR that's been there for literally years (Kompozer comes to mind, going on 9 years without active development).
But it comes down to it being useful for the maintainer as much as users.
I have no alternative to offer though.
Others might have more learned advice.
I haven't used a DVD in years. I have a blu-ray in my desktop but it's basically a cup holder. :wink:

What is your use case? What do you want to backup? Anything or just movies?

My use case is to store my photos on a separate medium (Blue-ray e.g Verbatim) in addition to backup on hard disk. Dvdisaster provides additional protection, because checksums are stored on the medium to check the consistency of the data and to repair the defective sectors if necessary.

DVD / Bluray is not a good backup medium for general purposes. It's a remnant from the old days. Optical media are expensive, they are slow and their filesystem has some restrictions (they do not support all file attributes, they do not support long filenames, etc.)

I would recommend a simple hard disc with a filesysystem that has checksum support (btrfs, ZFS). With a USB 3.x dockingstation a HD can be used like a DVD and multiple HDs can be handled with ease. And no special software is needed.

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This is a good idea that I will consider when purchasing additional hard drives.

As long as I still have my blue-ray drive and dvdisaster is available, I will use it parallel to my HDDs (BackInTime).

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