Shortcuts not working properly after restart or reset

Hi! I’m using kde and I every time I restart my laptop “esc” doesn’t work (e.g. when using vim, exiting full screen mode, or anywhere else really). What I do to fix it is to reset the shortcuts, but that makes “ctrl alt T” (open konsole) to stop working, so I need to set it again (when I go to set it I can see the shortcut is not set to anything). I’ve been doing this reset of shortcuts and set of “open konsole” shortcut every time I open my laptop, but it’s getting really annoying. Any ideas what could cause this?

P.S.: I was trying to set “region screenshot” for a different shortcut than the default one and that s when things started to get messed up, but I did that very soon after I reinstalled the OS, so I don t remember if things worked before setting the shortcut… anyway, they used to work properly before reinstalling the OS

I have a similar problem. Recently I accidentally set “esc” to a custom shortcut for my notifications, which prevented me from using they “esc” for anything else. I went into System Settings and removed the shortcut, but every time I reboot the custom shortcut reappears in the list.