Shortcuts for screenshot is not working after the update

Shortcuts for screenshot is not working after the update. GUI is working fine. Can anyone help me with this issue?

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Can you provide us with more information, and tell us what are you trying to do?
What desktop environment? What screenshot tool are you trying to use?

HI. I am using Gnome. I’m trying normal screenshot shortcuts: (PrtScr, Ctrl+PrtScr, Shift+PrtScr). These are working no more after the update.

Samething here. I can only access the application via the command line or custom shortcuts.

For example, I used this command to start it with the “area” option

gnome-screenshot -a -c 

But the -c option does not send the picture to the clipboard as stated.

Same issue here, just realized this is similar to my post from today. Shift + Ctrl + PrtSc No longer works. Details about my system are in my post. Running Gnome manarjo 5.15 stable.

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