Shell's Activities screen does not load after every reboot unless I do specific things to it



Since last two weeks my shell has encountered the error in the Before picture above. After every reboot the main activities windows won’t ever load. It only corrects itself after I either:

  1. From the activities screen, type to search for something.

  2. Changing the layout in manjaro-layout

  3. Reloading the Desktop.

This bug is not very big. Only a bit annoying. How should I fix this? Please help. Thank you.

Current shell settings from Neofetch. For shell extensions, disabling all extensions did not help. Bug persists after reboot.

Kernel: 5.15.41-1-MANJARO 
Shell: zsh 5.9 
Resolution: 1920x1080 
DE: GNOME 42.1 
WM: Mutter 
WM Theme: Nordic-bluish-accent-v40 
Theme: Nordic-bluish-accent-v40 [GTK2/3] 
Icons: Tela-circle-dark [GTK2/3] 
Terminal: gnome-terminal 
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 4500U with Radeon Graphics (6) @ 2.375GHz 
GPU: AMD ATI 03:00.0 Renoir 
Memory: 3204MiB / 7427MiB 

Disable Hide Search in the Gnome 4x UI Improvements extension settings.

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Thank you.

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