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I am using Manjaro-KDE unstable for quite some time. Life has been hard, so no distro testing. I have recently started using git for AUR and some GitHub purposes.
Now the problem is my shell takes quite some time to load. KDE is notorious for slow startup. I use HDD and it takes a minute from button push to working system. After that within 10 seconds, the shell was used to be loaded. It should look like this:

But, now after the system has properly stated it takes 3-5 minutes to load the shell. It looks like this:

It is an old system and I have quite some application installing and removing. After today’s kernel update it took around 2-3 minutes again to restore.
Is there any remedy or it needs a fresh start for now?
P.S I am using zsh shell with manjaro-zsh-configuration.


Yikes, that sounds bad. Could you try

A) renaming your zsh history
B) renaming your zshrc
C) disabling some plugins in your zshrc?


Is this a zsh problem or a shell related problem?


zsh is a shell. It is short for Z shell, like bash is for bourne again shell.


How to do that? I only use the automated script you have created nothing else. Not any other plugins.


it uses some plugins by default, at least autosuggestions and syntax highlighting. Depending a bit on what terminal you are using. Is that konsole btw?

You disable plugins by commenting out lines that source them in .zshrc


Yes, I am using konsole. Alright, I am trying one by one.



Did you put a .git folder in your $HOME folder? If so, and you did this unintentionally please try to delete them…


Where should I put it? Yes, it is in the home folder.


If you are not planning to make an entire of your home folder as a git repo to push for, then you should remove it… (they are not the place for git config)

And that might be what caused your shell slow to start (from initializing git in home folder every time you open your shell)

Your entire home folder is not a git repository!


Yes, that totally solved my problem.
Thanks to everyone for replying.


Zsh is an extension to shell in teh same way bash is.


I’m not sure what you mean by that? Bash and zsh are standalone binaries, and in arch/manjaro /usr/bin/sh is just a link to /usr/bin/bash.

Bash is a shell. Zsh is a shell. Dash is a shell. Fish is a shell. They don’t all extend one application, they are completely separate from each other. They just fill the same role. A bit like Firefox and Chrome are browsers, not browser extensions, and gnome-terminal and termite are terminal emulators, not terminal extensions.

You seem to be using the word somewhat differently, but I’m pretty sure my usage is more common.


Bash, Dash, Zsh, FIsh and any other shell binary extends the Unix shell. Yes, it is an extension by any programmers perspective since they extend the functionality of what is already given. Just because it is in machine code doesn’t matter. MY initial question was asking if it was a Unix shell issue or was the problem caused by zsh. AS we can see from the solution it was a zsh problem.


Okay, I’m listening to your perspective. Where is the Unix shell you are talking about? What is it? A quick search with phrase “extends Unix shell” did not give any examples that corresponded with your usage. I however got this:

"A Unix shell is a command-line interpreter or shell that provides a traditional user interface for the Unix operating system and for Unix-like systems. - - List of shells"
This is the usage I come across almost everywhere where I find discussion of shells.


You got your answer there. Zsh or bash would extend this by incorporating extra features, syntax completion, zsh plugins and etc.

An interpreter requires parsing, stemming and translation if you’re familiar with these terms.

Just thought I would add this as supplementary info. Since the Unix interpreter aka shell is Turing complete.


Semifamiliar. I’m more of a linguist than programmer. I think I understand the inner logic of what you are saying, I’m just pointing out that you seem to be using this word unconventionally. This conversation doesn’t seem to be going anywhere though, because we seem to be defining also the word extension differently :slight_smile:

Thank you for interesting perspectives!


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