Sharing a LUKS USB with multiple accounts on single machine

Hi. I have a USB that is LUKS encrypted. It's called Transport and I need to use it between three user accounts on a local machine for file sharing. (The files need to be on the USB.)

So far, I have mounted the USB with fstab at /home/user1/USB, created the group Share, added User1, User2, and User3 to the group Share, but when I log into User 2 or 3, I am unable to access the USB drive mounted in /home/user1/USB.

Should I mount it in /home instead? I also chmoded the USB to 777 because I need all three users to have rwx rights on the USB.

What am I doing wrong?

A mount point share between users should be outside the users home.

There is a couple of guides in the #technical-issues-and-assistance:tutorials section on the topic of mounting shared data partitions.

Thank you. I'll look at that soon.

Thanks. I did a search in the tutorial section, but the only guide I saw had to do with virtualization sharing, and I don't need that right now.

Other than my share folder not being located in the /home directory, is there anything else you can think of that I might be doing incorrectly based on what I said in my original post?

do the following:

mkdir /media/USB
chmod a+rwx /media/USB

mount the USB in your /etc/fstab using systemd automount in /media/USB

Educate the users that they can but should not erase anyone else's files.
Don't come back and complain here that they did it anyway: You were warned! :smiling_imp:

Thanks Fabby. I'll try this later today. (I'm the only user.)

Okay. I'm trying this now, but I changed /media/USB to /run/media/USB. Rebooting...

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I gave up. I couldn't find a best answer. Thanks anyway.

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