Shared printer stops working with gives "Held for authentication" error after reinstall

I have a USB printer attached to a small intel chromebook running Manjaro stable XFCE and it has to date been working like a dream. I have 2 apple products on the network that can see the shared printer and print to it. Today I went to print from my desktop (also Manjaro stable XFCE) and my printer had vanished. Last time I had to print (several weeks) the printer had been seen automatically and worked well.

I discovered that CUPS was not installed on the desktop. Installed CUPS and went to install the shared printer at hXtp://192.168.x.y:631 (cant share links) and it seems to install. It also seems to see the printer at idle, but when I go to print the job halts in the queue with a Held for Authentication message. I try to authenticate with my credentials on the host computer (nothing doing) then with my credentials on the desktop (that can’t be right and it does not work).

the setting on the gui for the shared printer show allow everyone, and the /etc/cups/printers.conf makes no mention of any authentication.

I am stumped. Any ideas?

Did you do that on the Chromebook? (which is the print server if I understand your setup correctly)