Shared Folders Manjaro KDE VM

Running Manjaro KDE in a VMWare Workstation Pro VM from a Win 10 Pro host.
Is it possible to access shared host folders?
/mnt/hgfs shows as an empty directory.
This issue doesn’t appear in other distro VMs.
Any thoughts or pointers would be welcome.

This should be relevant.

Yes, very relevant. It fully explains the reason why I have not encountered the issue with other distros I have been trying.
Unfortunately, the explanation of the solution is beyond my skills.
I have been looking for a suitable Linux distro for me to make my move away from Windows and I found many things to like about Manjaro. However, I now suspect there could be other non VM issues I would face if I committed to Manjaro in a production environment and I cannot afford to spend the time and effort fighting with another OS.
Thanks for your time and patience.

Well, in a production environment, you would likely prefer a stable base, rather than one that changes regularly like with a rolling release distribution.

That is very likely correct, although I have been evaluating PCLinuxOS KDE for several weeks. A rolling release very much like Manjaro and I have not encountered any issues that were above my skill level to resolve.
Again, thanks for your time and patience.

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