Share a folder with different User

Hello to All, :slight_smile:

Installed and working with Manjaro for 1 Year after testing other distro, really satisfied with it how it works and so easy to use.
I’ve configure a second user in Manjaro via Manjaro settings manager with different password.
Then i went to the folder that i want to share, under properties/Share and choose the second user.
I start a windows pc put the ip of the manjaro pc and ask me for user and password…and… can’t login it’s like user or password is wrong…but if i put the first user and password…i can login…
I think i miss something … Can You please help?
I want to close the windows server and use only Manjaro.

Thanks for help

You didn’t mention if you were using samba to share files but if you are did you add the new user with sudo smbpasswd -a newusername.

i’ve added the user via Manjaro Settings Manager,
i must add via “sudo smbpasswd -a newusername” ?

If you trying to share a folder on the same computer then you just need to add permission in the folder for what users you want it to have access to.

i’ve tryed sudo smbpasswd -a newusername…ask me for a samba password…done.
Then i go to the windows pc, put the ip manjaro pc…ask me for the user and password…after i click enter, pop a windows that says i don’t have right…

i need that different user configured in manajro can login from other pc on the network…

And you replaced newusername with the local username right? smb username and local username must match.