SHA512 or SHA256 checksums, instead of SHA1, for .iso files

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Since a lot of time ago, provides links to SHA1 checksums of .iso files, instead of SHA256 or SHA512.

I download the SHA512 ones manually.

As far as I know, SHA1 checksums are unreliable for large files (like the large .iso files of Manjaro desktop editions).

SHA256 and SHA512 checksums are far more reliable.

Suggestion: Provide a link for the SHA256 or the SHA512 checksum file, for each Manjaro .iso file, instead of the SHA1 checksum file.

These checksum files already exist by the way.

Documentation please …

Hashing a file produces a result - this result is shared.

Rehashing the file should produce the same result - if not the file has changed and should be discarded.

Whether you use md5, sha1 or sha512 - the only difference is the time taken and the length of the resulting hash.

Changing the content of the file and the hash will change. You can use the gpg signature to validate the file - it will fail if changes has been to the iso either during download or maliciously.

Yes there is one in a million theoretical chance that two files will produces the same hash, for validating the completeness of a downloaded file - sha1 is just fine.

You may have a look at the following:

From the article. “It took nine quintillion SHA-1 computations, but they succeeded.” It looks like it took literately an astronomical number to get a duplicate. If it were for banking, maybe I would be worried. But for simply making sure you have downloaded a good copy of a file its likely safe enough when it takes nine quintillion tries to get a bad match.

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Consider if an actor gains access to the website/CDNs and wants to upload an evil iso: they will not bother with collisions, simply hash the evil image and supply the evil checksum; additionally remove/break the signature download option banking on the users’ implicit trust of the website or just target the subset that does not verify the signature.

The checksum has no proof of authenticity, it is there to check for random errors after transfer, could even be CRC32 for that reason.

If you are downloading the torrent or already verifying the signature, the checksum becomes pointless.
The signature uses a SHA512 digest.

if you really need SHA256 checksum refer to the relevant ISO release announcement pages in its download area.

At the download area of Manjaro Editions website, there is the SHA1 checksum.

For example, for Manjaro XFCE:

is what is available as a link at the download page, right now.

Replacing .sha1 ending, with .sha256 or .sha512, already works:

If there is a chance for a wrong duplicate, whatever the probability, why not replace the default checksum with a more accurate one.

My tests with my Haswell CPU, show no perceivable delay between .sha1 and .sha256 checksum verification of Manjaro ISO files.