SHA1 Validation

FYI: New Linux/Manjaro user…

I’m downloading version 20.1.2 64bit Gnome from here:

The site says the SHA1 should be: f927d6de934a49ed35c0cc0c5dcd5cef7c2de070

I’m on Windows and run power shell: get-filehash manjaro-gnome-20.1.2-201019-linux58.iso -Algorithm sha1
Which returns: 0426D564CC6796553B7F2E9C7FAD530887B989B0

Am I doing something wrong? Why aren’t the hashes matching?

Thanks for the help

Hi, you can try using another tool…

Advanced CheckSum Verifier


They probably forgot to update the Download page. It happens sometimes.
The correct checksum is always found in the download location. It gets there by an automatic process.

The .sha1 file there shows the same number as your check.

@Manjaro-Team Is it viable to post the link to the SHA1 file on the website the way you post the link to the torrent file?

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