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Hello everyone!
I use Manjaro KDE on one PC and Windows 10 on another PC.
For a number of reasons I need to create a number of user accounts on the same PC, and all of those user accounts shall work simultaneously in the background.
Each user account has a browser open and each user browser performs IFTTT service (it takes an image from “website A” and sends it to “website B” for advertising purposes).
Windows user accounts work smoothly. I start the browser activity of each user, than switch to the main user and all the rest work in the background and perform their tasks.
Manjaro users don’t work. I start the browser activity of a user, switch to another user account, and the previous account stops working.
So I have to abandon the idea of using several user accounts on Manjaro, instead, I use several browsers under the same user account to perform several IFTTT services.
The question is as follows:
Does Manjaro have issues with using several user accounts simultaneously working in the background? Or maybe I make some mistake?

Yes - but not as Windows which has somehing called fast user switching - I don’t know if a similar option exist for Manjaro.

Probably - Search results for '"user switching"' - Manjaro Linux Forum

One way to achieve the desired result - is it a money machine? - is to start different xservers.

This can be done e.g. using vnc Search results for 'tigervnc server' - Manjaro Linux Forum … and I am fairly certain it can be done using commanline and Xorg startx(1) — Arch manual pages

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You might find your answer here;


Thanks! Starting to read all those threads. )