Settings set from 'bmenu' are not persistent, how do I change that?

Guess this is a not a Kernel question, but was the closest genre I could find. But use i3 and have a setting that I always have to do, which is inverting scrolling. Now what I do is open bmenu and invert it. But when I reboot the PC it is back to normal again.

How do I make the settings I do in bmenu to be persistent?

Hej @ludblom ,


might need this line:
Option "Natural Scrolling" "true"

I can’t exclude that settings you make by bmenu are simple overwritten during boot.

Yeah that works, but I can then why use bmenu? Why would anyone like a software that just changes settings for the session? This solves the problem, but not the problem with bmenu in particular. I guess it may be some authentication problem maybe? Will look into it this weekend.