Settings not launching

setting up a new install, frequently accessing the KDE Plasma system settings applet and the applet isn’t launching.

i think it’s due to accessing the applet too many times and possibly it’s exiting in a bad state. i forget the command line way to open the applet would be, would someone mind refreshing my memory so I can then post the error code here?

The executable is called systemsettings5, but if you right-click the icon and look at its properties, you can see this for yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

i just tried right clicking the icon on my task bar as well as in the launcher ‘favorites’ and i don’t see the command or anywhere to change the aliases or parameters like you can in Dolphin for example. the next time this apparent error happens, i will try the command, hopefully it will help if it’s really a bug.

Right-click the icon, choose “Properties”, and then look under the “Application” tab in the dialog window that appears.

it was under ‘edit application’ but i swear that option wasn’t there until i rebooted. pinky swear! next time this happens i will copy the error message from terminal and post it here. it’s been going on a lot. thanks.

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