Setting up SSH for incoming logins

I’m trying to setup my install to accept ssh logins, but I’ve had no luck. I have tried looking it up, but can’t find anything that has worked. Can someone point me in the right direction

Everything you need is here:

Most of the time it’s enough to:

sudo pacman -S openssh
sudo systemctl enable --now sshd
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You may want to explicitly disable remote root login, though. :wink:


And you may want to

Disable password-login for ssh, and use ssh-keys instead. Because you may attract a lot of bad traffic if you use a public reachable IP.


also if you run a firewall, set rules for incoming connections depending on what port you are running SSH server on

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Sure. But the request was for simply setting up SSH to accept incoming connections.
What you do to secure it after that, was not covered by the question. :wink:

Thanks everyone