Setting up a firewall: Block ping (ICMP)

Hi all!

So I’ve started university a few weeks ago and already learned so much about networking. After a few lessons I realized that it’d be very simple to do a few “hacks” or more like abuses on a local network just by hand crafting packets with a spoofed IP / MAC address. After googling and asking my teacher about it, both confirmed this, so now I’m looking into a way to secure my notebook a bit more.

I’ve installed gufw on my machine, and the first thing I’d like to block is ping requests, as if they can’t find me on the network it’s much harder to attack my machine. I know that ping is not the only way to find a host on the network so I’d like to know what settings you recommend I set in the firewall?

Also how could I block ping requests? I can’t seem to find a way, as it’s not in the list of preconfigs, and the best I can do in the advanced tab is to give a port number to block, which won’t help much as ICMP packets don’t use a port as far as I know (due to being lower level protocol).

I’d also like my firewall to log suspicous activity.

Any help in setting up the firewall and a safer machine would be much appreciated!

To disable remote ping change ACCEPT to DROP in /etc/ufw/before.rules on the following lines:

# ok icmp codes
-A ufw-before-input -p icmp --icmp-type destination-unreachable -j ACCEPT
-A ufw-before-input -p icmp --icmp-type source-quench -j ACCEPT
-A ufw-before-input -p icmp --icmp-type time-exceeded -j ACCEPT
-A ufw-before-input -p icmp --icmp-type parameter-problem -j ACCEPT
-A ufw-before-input -p icmp --icmp-type echo-request -j ACCEPT

To activater logging type:

sudo ufw logging on 

in the terminal

See the Arch wiki for more info: Uncomplicated Firewall - ArchWiki


Thank you!

And what other measures shall I take to make it safer for my machine?

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