Set Up New GPG Key For kdewallet

So I’ve recently done a fresh install and the last bug on my system is with kwalletmanager.

Applications often try and open kdewallet and I’ve been getting an error code -9. By the looks of it the kdewallet wasn’t existent or wasn’t opening right and it completely stops some applications from functioning. I’ve backed up the wallet and am trying to make a new one, when I try this, it requires a GPG key that I don’t have. How do I create and set up a GPG key so that I can set up the kdewallet?

Thanks for all the help in advance
After looking at arch wiki: a gpg key might not be your best option:

To unlock KDE Wallet automatically on login, install kwallet-pam for the PAM compatible module.

kwallet-pam is not compatible with GnuPG keys, the KDE Wallet must use the standard blowfish encryption.

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