Set dns in plasma

hello friends, how i can set dns in kde plasma?

system settings/ connections and under ipv4/ipv6 set your dns

i set whit this, but not correct, if you have a kde plasma please go to this website and try dns

try setting quad dns: and check if that works

i need to set

You need to reboot NetworkManager after setting these:
nmcli general reload
Reboot won’t set the DNS servers.

it was just to test that it works…

well it works on my side without any reboot or anything, just changing the dns, click apply and it works

Does it alter /etc/resolv.conf where DNS are set? NetworkManager can show that DNS are “set”, but they actually aren’t, unless the aforementioned file reflects the changes.

yes it does, just checked

Maybe they’ve changed the behaviour in the last year, then :thinking:
I can’t test this myself anymore, as I’ve moved to systemd-resolvconf, where the setup is a bit different.

thanks all, i reboot my system after set dns and this worked

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