Set default kernel to boot from for the bootloader via the mhwd GUI

I just had to switch kernels and noticed that the mhwd gui to select kernel only allows you to install and remove kernels, not set which kernel the bootloader should default to booting from.

The only way to ensure which kernel is booted from via the mhwd gui is to remove the kernels you don’t want ot boot from.

It would be very convenient to be able to select which kernel is the default from the GUI as well.

we select kernel in grub by options menu
grub save always last kernel choice
After, next boot, wait the end of the timer for load manjaro with the kernel saved

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It’s unnecessary feature. Grub will remember latest kernel.


I’m not sure whether you mean it remembers the kernel you last booted from, or the kernel with the highest version number, either way though, this would not be useless, because it’d allow you to select which kernel to boot from from the mhwd gui rather than needing to go into grub.

@papajoke by default on manjaro there is no grub options menu, it bypasses grub entirely and boots directly, sure, this is not a difficult setting to change.

I’m just saying it’d be convenient not to have to.

grub is only hidden, press ESC key and we can after select default kernel in “advanced options”


that’s neat, I didn’t actually know this.

It probably should be mentioned in here: Manjaro Kernels - Manjaro

Manjaro GRUB configuration in /etc/default/grub/ has 2 configuration option that will save the last selected menuentry option

Changing boot options elsewhere would be redundant and might conflict with this configuration

GRUB/Tips and tricks - Recall previous entry | ArchWiki

GNU GRUB Manual 2.06: Simple configuration