Set all Qt app's to use GTK+ font & theme settings

everyone’s had that eyesore of a program that just won’t conform to the theme you’ve set and looks like a program from 1992. one day i stumbled upon this manjaro wiki page:

Set all Qt app’s to use GTK+ font & theme settings

and all my ugly ducklings changed into swans. my caterpillars into butterflies. and… well… i think you get the picture.

hope this helps.

Qt5ct is already installed and set up when you install Manjaro. What is described in that post is already automatically down.

When you change themes and fonts, then it is usefull to change the settings in qt5ct as well.

perhaps, but i installed manjaro fluxbox a year or so ago and qt apps like qpdfview did not follow gtk themes (may have been out of the box or after updates, can’t remember).

this may not affect everyone, but it was a jewel of a find for me and worth sharing.

UPDATE: yes @CykloTronic86 , not everyone who runs manjaro installed it yesterday. thoroughly following the steps outlined in the wiki page i linked actually solved a problem that was still affecting me in december of 2016. so i thought of others and shared the wealth, as so many have done for me.

I believe you.

That was a year ago. A lot has changed since then. Now qt5ct is installed and setup by default. Has been so for a while now.

In some editions. Some minimalistic ones still leave to the user to avoid pulling Qt dependencies.

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a little off-topic:

here is a great description how to get good looking fonts in all versions of manjaro:

maybe, you are interested in this as well…

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thanks @excalibur1234, my fonts are looking great. i appreciate you.

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