Serving software over network - noob question

Can anyone point me to an Arch-wiki section where I can research this question?

I have licensed software on my main machine. I want to access the application from another box on the home LAN to avoid paying for a second license for a local installation. Seems like this should be a trivial task for Manjaro Linux but darned if I can find where to get started.

Thanks in advaance.

I guess you looking for something like AnyDesk, Teamviewer and VNC… but well there are also other ways depending on the software: blocking internet, make the app portable…

About what kind of app are you talking?

Thank you for the fast reply.

I have a licensed graphics editor on the main workstation, and wish to edit .jpg files on the local machine.

That is a no go. Software is like a book you bought - only one person can read it at any one time.

If the vendor requires license to run - then it is a violation of license terms - and Manjaro community does not endorse nor support such violation.

Topic closed - as it violates the forum rules.

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