Serious bugs in manjaro Gnome version 3.38.1

After updating to Gnome 3.38.1 through default software manager. I got some shell functionalities completely broken. I have listed them as follows:

Select Network does not work - When I want to connect to wifi the select network option is completely broken.

Notification center also has some broken functionality. I am unable to clear button functionality as nothing is happening after clicking clear button. And I have to clear each notification manually.

Time & Date is not getting updated regularly in the status bar and i have to click it manually 3 to 4 time to update…
Also battery percentage is sometimes not updating in status bar and its really irrtating…
Hope these issues get resolved in next update ASAP.

Thank you for reporting, let’s hope we get this resolved soon. Since the listed issues haven’t been reported by other users, could you provide us a little more info?

  • Which extensions are enabled?
  • Which shell theme are you using?
  • If you create another user account on your installation as a test, does the new user have the same issues?

I should also note issues in Gnome with two applications: gnome-tweaks and lollypop.

Neither load when using the standard gnome launcher. Curiously, BOTH will open when launched from the commend line.

I did some tracking down, and they both are using python where the shebang line is:

#!/usr/bin/env python3

Changing the shebang to


Solves this problem; both programs launch normally.

This seems to come from some missing python library or python misconfiguration in gi. Installing python-gobject does not solve the issue; only altering the shebangs fixes the problem.

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Thank you for reporting!

I was using mac os big sur theme available on AUR but switched back to match sea theme which by default in Manjaro Gnome.
Also the select network issue was happening because I used refresh wifi connection gnome extension… But when I removed it its working just fine…
Also notification clearing issue is solved when I removed extension to move notification in corner and time issue is fixed too…

looks like several gnome extensions are broken in the 3.38 version…

I loved those extensions too much…

With time, they will likely be updated to work with 3.38, but it depends on the extension developers. Let’s hope they catch up.

So Ultimate Solution for these problems is currently to remove certain gnome extensions as they are broken & no more compatible with Gnome 3.38.1.
They are listed as follows:
Refresh - Wifi - connection
Notification center.
Also there is no problem with big sur theme…
Also updated screenshot extensions are throwing error so better to use gnome screen shots as they are basically the same, and several other extensions are broken too… And lets wait for extension developers to patch things up.

With that I am closing this issue.

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