Separate video-intel from video-linux in MHWD



The mhwd scripts will not reflect the actual driver version. You will have to use this like inxi anyways.

No. “DRI PRIME” is the actually supported way to handle “AMD Optimus” setups. It’s often not even possible to disable the Intel because it manages the hardware outputs.
On top of that, like I’ve said before, splitting up would bring no extra. For supported fglrx hardware prior to GCN, we ship a mhwd profile. Just not for newer hardware, because free driver are the better choice for them. And don’t require an 4 years old graphic stack.


when i do screenfetch amd gpu is not shown only intel one is shown when installed free driver.nonfree dont work.


Try DRI_PRIME=1 screenfetch. Xorg should always default to the output provider.


There is a systemd unit for the installation media’s to run mhwd before the graphics setup is done, so you have an working output (in many cases). But on a installed system there is no systemd dependency on the mhwd side.


All this makes sense but if there are recent optimus laptops where mhwd is incapable of providing any booting system (live or installed) then there is still an outstanding issue to be resolved.

Should video-vesa be recommended to get a booting system, then the user follow @jonathon’s prime setup tutorial / bumblebee acpi kernel parameters troubleshooting threads to try and get hybrid graphics working?


The thing with optimus is, that it is not supported on linux at all and depends (on manjaro) still on that hack, that is bumblebee. On the other hand there would be nouveau, wich will also not work, because NVidia dont want it to work well.

If it would be me, Manjaro would just display “get proper video hardware to use Manjaro” on any dual-graphics-nvidia laptop - luckily I dont have to say anything in this direction :wink:.
I know this situation is very frusttrating and I would like to change it but you have to understand, that there is no solution for this to make it work for everyone.

You can always try to blacklist the nouveau kernel modules via boot parameter, so only intel will used, but this has no chance to become a default.


Prime functionality is built into the nvidia proprietary driver and works with nvidia optimus laptops, so is a viable option.

ATM the configuration process for Prime is manual, a bit cumbersome and definitely not newbie friendly, hence the repeated requests from many users to see if it is possible to incorporate into mhwd.

The process for optimus laptops that currently do not boot could be to get them booting first (ie video-linux with nouveau blacklisted?), then install and configure Prime.

For optimus laptops that bumblebee works on this could still be a valid choice also, and is easily installed using mhwd.

Not looking for a magic bullet, just trying to identify a way to somehow get these systems to boot, without nvidia gpu drivers loaded if need be.

Once the system is in a bootable state then manual intervention can take place to either troubleshoot bumblebee (ie acpi boot parameters), or manually configure Prime.

Nouveau is third party reverse engineered, doesn’t support recent hardware, and its performance is just terrible.

Having an mhwd option to blacklist it is not the worst idea.

Or as Linus so eloquently put it … :fu:



That’s funny (to me). As I was looking about it on the ISO grub options, it seems that adding one (or more) choice at boot on ISO images is actually very simple, just like we do it in the forum, when advising users. It is just a file with the boot parameters, plain and simple. For example, what would be wrong (in any view) if in the drivers selection, there were

  • Free
  • Non-free
  • Intel only
  • Nvidia only
  • AMD only

Am I missing the big picture? What is wrong with that and how difficult can that be in implementation?
I wonder if anyone had really checked it or we are all assuming…:roll_eyes:


sure its desired option for multiple gpu systems
on demand gpu change is more desirable
or application wise gpu.
i am begginer to programming so i am not able to do it now who knows


You can’t do all of that.
On Optimus/prime-like laptops you need to let the output provider (that chip that controlls HDMI/Displayport/more) active. Otherwise you will boot to a black screen and because of that a “AMD only” or “NVidia Only” is not a move we should do.
My thing I try to protect here are users with a working setup right now. I mean we will always have cases where the driver itself is in a bad shape, but we shouldnt workaround that in mhwd for “everyone”

I also dont think we should give more bootoptions, but only one and bring mhwd (or some other startup script) to the point where is chooses the best setup for that type of system.

Manjaro is a mini Team that wants to maintain a few pieces of software when they have time to.
2 years back - Intel, AMD was in pretty bad shape, to the point where it was impossible to boot manjaro if you had a GCN1.2 card. There was also no video hardware acceleration at all. That was because nobody was there to work on the Freedriver stack of Manjaro. So I joined in, wrote PRIME things for intel, amd, nouveau, fixed hardware support in mhwd for these chips and bla. Last step was to unify them to one “video-linux -dummy-package” because they do the same. (nothing)

Exactly this is what someone needs to do for Nvidia.

  • Get a range of PCIID that behave the same
  • group them to one config
  • write that config and make it work
  • push that to the repo as an extro for users, so they can test
  • if its good, integrate it into the distro.

I have already startet to try to create a config for nvidia-prime, but I failed hard to even set it up in the time I was able to access the laptop. :sweat_smile:


I really appreciate and value your contribution, so it’s not personal, just feedback discussion.
Booting installers ISO and installing drivers with mhwd are 2 different thinks.
The boot parameters on ISOs is easy to change with no harm on what now exists, just adding possibilities to booting the installer without manual editing. It’s really frequent for several cases to add acpi= options, just to start the Live session. This could be easily added as an option, selectable, not edited by users.
As for Prime in mhwd, for the imaginery situation of a commercial Manjaro project, providing an Optimus laptop to you, so you can work on it, would be a very well justified investment IMHO :wink::joy: