Separate the updates for each category?

I think it will be a really good idea to separate the updates for each category like KDE, KFCE, Gnome, Cinnamon and so on. For example in my case, I’m only interested in KDE, and nothing else. I think that will give the user a lot more information related to their specific problem, and a much better user experience!

You cannot really do that technically on a rolling distro. Everything is somewhat connected. If you manage to isolate completely the kde stuff from the rest, the only option to start nonkde programs will be flatpak or snap… pretty much the ubuntu concept. We do not need copycat ubuntu in my opinion.


Separate the updates where? You posted in Forum, I’m not sure what you mean.

Sorry, we don’t have a Kentucky Fried Chicken Edition. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


He wants to do partial updates - officially. As said, this is the concept of flatpaks or snaps, more or less. It can even have multiple versions of the kde platform components at the same time.

For example in my case, I’m only interested in Plasma/KDE, because that’s what use all the time on all my machines, at home and work. The way it is now, users post their issues on one platform whether it’s KDE, or Xfce or Gnome. It all gets convoluted, and causes confusion, and difficult to follow. I thought it made more sense to break-down the updates for different major brands, and that’s my humble opinion!

Sorry, I’m still not following.

What’s a platform? Do you mean the DE (Desktop Environment) categories on the forum like GNOME , KDE Plasma, etc.?

Also, you neither confirmed nor denied @Teo’s guess at what you meant above.

Speaking of causing confusion…

I’m pretty sure what they want is separate update announcement threads for “The DEs” (however they define or delineate them).

Aside from a host of other issues this also misses the fact that those threads really are not supposed to be hundreds of posts long with dozens of redundant minor issue posts.

But with the way they are treated … its difficult to shape them up without going near-nuclear.

If you are looking for selecting or viewing only post related to KDE in the forum, have you tried the tags of the bottom left of the page? ( leading here for example : Topics tagged kde )

You may want to try an advanced search too, here : Search results for '' - Manjaro Linux Forum

Edit: To me it’s sufficient and efficient (to view more precise topics in the forums).

Not practical.
Not even close to real world scenarios.
I use Xfce.
I also might (want to or need to) use some KDE app - something based upon QT.

Not a problem now.

But in your scenario?

What now?

I see your point. I always go through the stable updates any way. That was just a suggestion.

Which was…?

Notice no one has quite figured out what you’re talking about yet, they’ve only guessed.

Please be clear and concise. If not, this thread will be closed and hidden from the public. Would finding this thread in the future via a search engine help anyone?