Separate browsers in panel

Is there a way to open a new browser that adds to the panel below instead of stacking it in top of an already opened browser?

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I suppose you are talking about stacking windows in the task bar. AFAIK you will find in that taskbar properties an option to enable/disable stacking. If you intend to mix stacking and non-stacking, maybe you have an option to do so with a right click on the stack (or a window of that stack), but the property usually applies to all windows.

Yes exactly in the taskbar. When I right click on the firefox task it only mentioning about which workspace. When I right click on the empty place on the task bar and click properties. It only says something about separator. Or Panel preference is not saying anything about stacking options.

Right-click on the panel > Panel > Panel Preferences > Items (tab) > double-click the Window Buttons item > under Behaviour there is an option called Window grouping > select Never for this option.

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Ah yes that worked like a charm! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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