sensors doesn't detect fan speed (asus-nb-wmi)

Hi all. I followed the Asus laptops section of this ArchWiki article to generate a fancontrol config. It is now as follow:


FCFANS= /sys/devices/platform/asus-nb-wmi/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/pwm1=/sys/devices/platform/asus-nb-wmi/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/fan1_input

It works fine for me, but I can't get CPU fan speed anymore (it shows up as -1):

$ sensors
Adapter: ISA adapter
cpu_fan:       -1 RPM
temp1:        +49.0°C
$ cat /sys/devices/platform/asus-nb-wmi/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/fan1_input

I read about the fanX_div thing, but the terminal gave this error in the reloading configuration step:

$ cat /etc/sensors.d/fan-speed-control.conf 
chip "asus-isa-*"
set fan1_div 4

$ sensors -s
Error: File /etc/sensors.d/fan-speed-control.conf, line 2: Unknown feature name
asus-isa-0000: No such subfeature known

I tried other numbers like fan0_div etc to make sure, but doesn't work. The interface isn't even there:

$ ls /sys/devices/platform/asus-nb-wmi/hwmon/hwmon[[:print:]]*/
device  fan1_input  fan1_label  name  power  pwm1  pwm1_enable  subsystem  temp1_input  uevent

I can show the fan speed again by deleting fancontrol.service, fancontrol config file and enable automatic mode:
# echo 2 > /sys/devices/platform/asus-nb-wmi/hwmon/hwmon[[[:print:]]*/pwm1_enable #Change fan mode to automatic

Any help?

  • Kernel: 4.19.36-1-MANJARO x86_64
  • Laptop model: ASUS K501LX

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