Sending forum invites without using an email address


How do I send invite some to the forumif I don’t have their email


What do you mean? Like over the phone ?
Tell them to go to


there is a send invite tab when you click your user profile. I assume this is to invite people directly to the forum without the need to sign up.


I am pretty sure it sends them a link so they can signup. I suppose we could test it and see what it does.

EDIT: Here comes jonathon…he will know :slight_smile:


Wait - what are you wanting to accomplish here?

Noone can sign up to the forum without an email address.

If you don’t know someone’s email address how do you contact them normally?


yes i think that is what it does, but I wonder if it can be done without using an email address


@jonathon this is for a twitter user. The chap doing the linux reviews for forbes. We generally char via PM on twitter. I was trying to invite him to the forum just in case he decides to review manjaro on his next write up.


You can’t send an invitation without knowing the other person’s email address.

The generated email and invitation link are only valid for a given email address.

This e.g. prevents someone generating multiple/many spam accounts from a single invitation link.


(I did a bad huh?)


thanks how did know


L337 h4x0r :wink:


interesting… thanks for the information.


Sorry mate … I just did some quick poking. It wasnt hard to find. Nothing actually requiring anything.
[that was the joke]


So I thought that posting someone’s email address on the open forum wasn’t a great idea. :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah… that occured to me 30 seconds later … but then public figure … but then … whatever.


Yeah - it’s a balancing act. If this was in #off-topic I’d have left it as it’s not open to web spiders etc.


love the web spider bit. I will just have to point him to the forum and have him review it.