Seems there's a lot of missing applications in base Manjaro ARM/RPi3b

as above.

I installed the headless/server edition using manjaro-arm-installer.

The 2 software that I know are missing:

  • crontab
  • hostname (installing inetutils gave me this one)

What packages should I installed post-manjaro-arm-installer to get basic commands that’s normally included in a Linux distribution.


Not required anymore. Today, the normal way is to use systemd timers.
However if you want to use a crontab to schedule tasks, install the cronie package. It is a good implementation of cron.

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how about other packages? seems not even vi is installed.

I don’t know which other packages you are missing. vi? Well, I am certain some kind of text editor is installed, maybe a more user friendly one.

You list the hostname command in your first post. Since it is replaced by hostnamectl, I also do not see the need to install such legacy and deprecated package like inetutils .

But the packages are available and if you need them you can install them.

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