Seeking help from a dupeGuru guru on Regular Expressions (for Exclusion Filter)

Hi Manjaro Community
Slightly off-topic (maybe)

I’m having real hard time getting my head around how to use RegEx in dupeGuru
All of the examples below work using the dupeGuru Test string, but not one is actually excluded from the scan results

eg. I want to exclude .gif files

according to various online guides, all I need to do is: ^.*\.gif$
but to no avail

I also want to exclude the directory …\thumbs… so I tried: ^.*thumbs\\.*
but still no joy

as for ignoring files prefixed with “DSC”: ^.*DSC* just doesn’t work

Am now emploring anyone who can shed some light on what I’m missing

Thanks for reading and eagerly awaiting comments

GUI application: not my thing, but maybe I can give you a command that accomplishes the same thing that you’re trying to accomplish, so:

Please explain in simple English what you’re trying to do?


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