Second Screen is not detected

Good morning everyone. Im absolutely new in here. I have a new computer for which my second screen is not even detected. If you could lend me a hand…

I’ve checked others entries in the forum and here are the usual commands I ran:

If you could help me I would be really glad!
Thank you in advance!

Sorry I did not do that before. I add some more information in here:

And the inxi command gives:

Hello @samelocurrente :wink:

It is pretty common issue with nvidia and discussed numerous times here on the forum. You need to switch to the nvidia gpu if the second screen is connected to the nvidia gpu. That is a limitation of the nvidia driver. Open source Drivers (i915, radeon, amdgpu, nouveau) have no problems here.

Use the search function to find more. :wink:

PS: Don’t post pictures of text. Is it so difficult to copy&paste it and use code blocks? [HowTo] Post command output and file content as formatted text

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