Second Point-Release of Fringilla online now



Hi Community,

Our current stable install medias seem to be a great releases of Manjaro Fringilla so far. However we added some new features and updates which gave us the reason to do respins of our XFCE and KDE editions.

We updated not only our kernel and the desktop environments to the latest available releases, we also added the final 13.0.1 Mesa-Stack and upped some of our libraries.

Also our graphical installer Calamares got some additional enhancements and should now properly warn on false prepared luks setups.

So, please let us know what you think about this release.

Changes in KDE edition

  • KDE Frameworks 5.28.0
  • updated efi-stack
  • updated firefox
  • updated grub
  • updated graphical stack
  • updated kernel

Changes in XFCE edition

  • updated efi-stack
  • updated firefox
  • updated grub
  • updated graphical stack
  • updated kernel

kind regards, Philip Müller and the Manjaro Development Team



The download link should be:
Anyone want to download via Torrent? Here they are:


I have tried booting the XFCE 16.10.2 x86_64 version off a usb stick, however XFCE loads without theming and without panels in the live environment.


I’ve tested both images. They work on my end just fine on VirtualBox.


One thing remains:

regardless of the users choise, on AMD systems it will install video-catalyst.

If we choose the free driver, it will start the live system with free drivers but installs video-catalyst.


I can confirm this. It’s doing this since the preview install medias.


Hmm, seems to be the mhwdcfg module. With the old shell-script we used the kernel configs. Now it defaults to driver: nonfree. Will see how we can fix that.

Please try if manjaro-live-base-20161120-2 fixes it for you …


I used the KDE 16.10.2 ISO to reinstall because I wanted to switch to btrfs. The installation went perfectly, and the installed system is working great!

I have a suggestion that will avoid newbie questions in the future. The ISO should include gtk3-print-backends so that people can print from Firefox (and other GTK3 apps) without installing a separate package first.


Thanks @philm, great work as always :slight_smile:

It’s really hard to keep up with kernel updates every 3 days, 4.8.10 & 4.4.34 versions are already there :sweat_smile:


Do we have to wait for a new *.iso file or just use the current one and upgrade via pacman? I’m a little confused now :joy:


The issue will be fixed with a new ISO shipping manjaro-live-base-20161120-2 or later. Most likely it was fixed with this. So if you started with the free drivers you currently have to edit one file so mhwd uses the free drivers:

sudo sed -e "s|^.*driver:.*|driver: free|" -i "/etc/calamares/modules/mhwdcfg.conf"
sudo -E calamares -d

How do I safely uninstall the catalyst drivers?