Second monitor only recognized after logout and login again

Hi. I read a lot of posts about KDE Plasma issues with a second monitor, but didn’t find anyone like what is happening here.
I have two displays. My KDE is configured to autologin at startup because it’s necessary for another user here. KDE always recognized both displays at startup. Recently, maybe after some update, it stopped recognizing the second monitor at startup. xrandr says it is unplugged. But if I logout and immediately login again it recognizes the second monitor instantly and displays the image. I have also tried logging in LXQT and it also recognizes the second monitor.
KDE Plasma only doesn’t recognize the second monitor after startup and the first login. At subsequent logins it goes back to normal.
Does anyone have ideas to help me?

not really but if i understand you’ve installed 2 different Gui’s (Lxqt and Plasma) in parallel. Especially Plasma tends to break in this cases and troubles a lot.
Is the external display set to be the primary display ? If not i would recommend to set the external display as the primary and test if the behaviour changes.

Ideed all displays are external because I use a PC. My primary monitor is on the HDMI at Radeon RX550 and my second monitor that is having issues is at the native VGA port. However it all worked and even having LXQT, only for test purposes, until few days later.
Marking my second display as primary doesn’t solve the problem. When I reboot it just isn’t recognized. But after logging out and in it is back again.