Searching for Fan Overlay .dts Source for Odroid N2+

There are no overlay files on the Manjaro ARM N2+ image. It appears based on looking at the .dts files for the current 5.18.14 as of this post kernel source there are no overlay files and the base .dts has no definition for the Fan. Likewise the sensors command does not list fan which means the fan is not defined in device tree dtb file. Extensive tests with stress confirm the fan does not run.

Does anyone have .dts source for N2+ fan as overlay? I rather use overlay for fan to allow me to choose the setting when fan runs and fan speed as different types of application purposes will need different fan settings.

perhaps you can find what you are looking for here

Another option

The fan support does not seem to have been upstreamed yet.

This was one of the links I looked about extensively. I had also looked extensively at the “elixir bootlin .com” site including the 5.19 Kernel release. None have any fan definition for the N2+ and none have any .dts code for overlays.

Correct as well as no SPI is defined. SPI, additional serial ports, and number other elements I for one would like as overlays so one can pick and choose what one needs. I even like the ability to use different RTC than onboard RTC by having the ability have .dts for DS3231/DS3232,and a very accurate RTC that is tad more accurate than DS3231/DS3232 I have.

I have no idea why upstream is taking so long to have these basics included in source. SPI for example is in my opinion very basic to have as overlay, not just for N2+.