Searches for fixes to manjaro issues land at 'oops page doesn't exist'

this issue is covered here but the topic is closed:

may i suggest that the landing page be edited to include the fix? in big red letters at the top: add ‘archive.’ to the address to access older help articles.

there is a lot of valuable information there and it is insanely frustrating to read the first paragraph of a promising fix only to find it’s a dead end.

And it’s not lost.
The crawlers/search engines just have to keep up and properly refresh their indexes.

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See also:


just change the address bar url to read

The actual solution for this is rather problematic as - at some point the - search engine index - will collide with existing topics - and return topics with no relevance for search query - and this a rather unfortunate side effect from the decision to archive the old forum after the crash.

I have not been involved in the rebuilding of the forum - nor does I know anything on the troubles faced when the whole #! crashed - but from an objective viewpoint - who cares if all the images was lost - if the user base and the accumulated knowledge could have been restored - it would have been a far better outcome than all SEO pointing nowhere - but as far as I know - even this restore wasn’t possible.

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linux-aarhus, thanks for explanation.

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Well if you use a browser capable of using custom search engines with nicknames you could assign to a nickname for searching the (new) Manjaro forums (for example mf) and amf to for the archived forums, so you would only need to type in the address bar

mf <what I want to search for in the new forums>


amf <what I want to search for in the archived forums>

It’s very fast and effective this way, directly, without the need of google leading to broken urls…

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