Search options, set default sorting order to "Latest Post" instead of "Relevance"



Just an idea: I think it would make sense to change the default sorting options for the search function to "Latest Post". It does give much better results than the "Relevance" one IMO...


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I think relevance works ok. However, I usually want the most recent posts listed first, so I switch it myself. That's just me though, I don't necessarily think the default needs to be changed.


For myself I don't really care what the default option is, I know I can change it and that mostly "lasted post" is working better.

But for new manjaro / forum users I think it would be better: You see it a lot of times that people say they have been searching the forums but didn't find anything because they just enter the search term and look at the results (don't really recognizing that there are some options). Since IMO "last post" gives better results mostly, that would help in those cases I guess.


Searching the forum is the biggest problem for a user.
Sorting options.. in a huge database, only ONE sorting field!!
It is a joke of course. But for us that we don't have anything else to do in life, we can repeat the same answers over and over. It's so fun talking to people!!:+1:


We tried it before and it was actually worse.

Search in Discourse isn't great but making it better would need a full search engine. The Discourse developers don't want to implement a full search engine. :slight_smile:

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Do it like @gohlip, I suppose at least he's using text modules. :wink:

For the rest helps ...


Then hack.
Can't we use a custom search engine for searching the forum?

I know the answer.. Do it. Code yourself. Climb the hill. Swim the river. etc, etc, etc...
Ha, ha... Communicative community in common non-commitments..

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I use most time startpage goes faster, mostly :wink:


How long ago was that?

The more time that passes and the more data that accumulates in the forum the more likely someone gets an old, out-of-date solution.

I can't think of a single time where I didn't have to change the search sort to "Latest Post" to get something even close to relevant.


Yeah same...
I know we've asked for 'latest' before. Because I also asked for it :wink:
But I'm relatively sure its always been 'related'.


OK, fine, you asked for it. Don't blame me when it fails. But if it works I'll take full credit... :rofl:


And if not I'm getting banned from the forums since I made that suggestion? :wink:

We'll see what happens. But it case is doesn't work out it is easy to revert I guess.

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I hadn't thought of that, but now you mention it... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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oh oh,



Was this just a test? I am getting sort by Relevance by default.


I have been all along. :man_shrugging: Doesn't bother me.


Its still by 'relevance' ... I assume this has something to do with the site going down when 'latest' was attempted.

Went there. Noped. Turned around.

(but surely we can do better than that...)

[but really who am I to say .. recent update to a php thing my partners site uses screwed certain aesthetics .. tried to reinstate changes .. broke the thing ... so I undid the changes ... now its working but has the extra ugly. cuz I havent fixed it.]


Oh~ :grimacing:

I thought that post before mine was a joke.


If you mean my post with the screenshot. Yeah that was a joke. :wink:


It appears that the Discourse "If searching your large forum is slow, this option tries an index of more recent posts first" option affects the "Magnifying glass" search. The "full search" options aren't affected.

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