Search bar in application menu

New to Manjaro, just installed Ultima Thule Xfce 23.0.0.
So, far busy customizing all evening and loving it.

A quick question, I thought I saw a app search magnifying glass in the applications menu but I think I lost it while customizing the panel bar.
How do I add a search menu in the Application panel?

The application menu for XFCE is whiskermenu. It indeed does have a search.

# Query installed local database for package information
pacman -Qi xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin 

Right-click the application menu > Properties. There are some options pertaining to Search.

A little doc on whiskermenu: panel-plugins:xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin:start [Xfce Docs]

Right-click is your friend. If you right-click the panel, there is a menu item labeled, Panel. When expanded it shows another menu with Add_New_Item and Panel_Preferences, to name a few. On Panel_Preferences, there is a tab labeled, Items. This shows all items on the selected panel. The selected panel is shown and changed in the drop-down at the top of the dialog (i.e., Panel 0, Panel 1…). You can also Add_New_Items (see buttons at button of dialog) here too. You can get to this same dialog from the XFCE settings > Personal > Panel. The reason I went into a little bit more details is in case you removed the application menu altogether.

Panel Preferences: xfce:xfce4-panel:preferences [Xfce Docs]