Sd card with manjaro i3 installing it, don't be detected

Hi, I have instelled a i3 manjaro on a SD Card, but, my ASUS (ITS BIOS) don’t detected the pluged Card inside the SD laptop slot. A fresh Windows 10 is installed in the SSD’s laptop , “the only storage device found by the BIOS.”

How can i do The BIOS BOOT SETTINGS read, detect, recognize the SD card contained the manjaro OS ?

Thanks a lot … by !

Does your PC support booting straight from SD card?

Only ones I know of that does, are ARM based.

I don’t think this laptop booting from a SD card, but a determined configuration maybe help to solve THE BIOS BOOT detect SD boot/efi start, therefor i expect a way to solve it … Do you know how to ?

A don’t ARM based laptop is not a problem …

A possible windows 10 grub modify can solve it … i don’t know !

Anyway THE BOOT MENU on the BIOS don’t show another storage device different than the SSD laptop.

Some x86 laptops with built in SD cards are able to boot from them because they attach the SD card reader over the USB bus. If your laptop is like this, the SD card will show up in your BIOS boot order menu regardless of whether there is an OS on it or not.

If not, the process is more complex - you will need some secondary storage that the BIOS does recognize to hold your /boot partition and redirect to the SD card. In this case, that would probably mean installing GRUB to the mentioned windows drive.

“boot from sd linux” on google turns up multiple relevant results if simply putting the /boot partition on the SSD during the installation process does not work out of box, not to be that guy.

In my case i like the second way. Install the grub on the ssd seems reasonable, the question is, the manjaro grub there are the first thing i will see ?

It would be possible set the path of the SD Card in the boot bios so that start reading the SD Card before the SSD when turn on the laptop ?