SD Card Mounts IFF USB Is Plugged In

Short: My SD Card is only discovered if and only if I first plug in a separate USB drive first.

Long: I’m not sure if this is a KDE or Manjaro thing, but I’ll start here. I have configured KDE, via Settings > System Settings > Hardware > Removable Storage > Removable Devices, to automatically mount removable media.

  • With nothing else plugged in; when I plug in a standard USB drive, the USB drive mounts as expected.
  • With nothing else plugged in; when I plug in a standard SD Card, nothing happens.
  • With the USB plugged in; when I plug in a standard SD Card the SD Card mounts as expected. Also the USB drive is mounted too.
  • With the SD Card plugged in (note but not mounted; see second in list); when I plug in a standard USB drive the USB drive mounts as expected, but SD Card is not mounted.

Any advice as to why this is?

Note: Prior to Manjaro I was a Fedora desktop user. Fedora did not experience the same problem using KDE as the desktop as I am now. However one thing did change. Prior to replacing Fedora I upgraded from standard spinning hard drive to a SSD drive; with the standard hard drive now as a secondary disc for storage. I also doubled the memory from 8GB to 16GB. Not sure if that is related or a red herring. But I thought I should mention it. Other than that, the system is pretty stock as is the OS. I update weekly and I updated to the latest prior to posting this on the forum.

OS: Manjaro Linux x86_64
Host: 90B700EAUS Lenovo H50-50
Kernel: 5.15.12-1-MANJARO
Uptime: 2 hours, 47 mins
Packages: 1254 (pacman), 7 (snap)
Shell: bash 5.1.12
Resolution: 1366x768
DE: Plasma 5.23.4
WM: KWin
Theme: Breath Light [Plasma], Breeze [GTK2/3]
Icons: breeze [Plasma], breeze [GTK2/3]
Terminal: yakuake
CPU: Intel i5-4460 (4) @ 3.400GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 730
Memory: 1951MiB / 15950MiB


Do you see the same issue with other kernels (5.10 for example)? Manjaro makes it easy to try other supported kernels, see Manjaro Kernels - Manjaro

First, I had no idea that Manjaro could do this; wow! Thank you for setting me on a new path of discovery of Manjaro capabilities.

Second, in an unrelated other error I was having, I had to run “sudo pacman -Syyuu” to get my desktop back into shape. Not sure what transpired between installing Cura, Visual Studio Code, Steam, Nvidia drivers, and virt-manager, but something shifted causing me to run this command based on other feedback to same issues reported in the forum. After running this command, my SD card slot started working without having to have a separate USB device plugged in as well.

Thank you very much for your reply and helping the broader Manjaro community.

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