Screwed up boot order in bios before installing maranjo, deleting windows on acer. Now stuck either in the grub menu or on a screen saying something like "no bootable device found"

I changed the boot order in acer setup utility along with disabling secure boot. I then booted Manjaro from a usb and installed it on the computer, erasing windows. After restart, a black screen with the picture of a disk and the a text saying something like “no bootable device found” appeared.
After putting the usb back in, I wasn’t able to boot it. It opened the grub menu, but pressing enter after selecting “boot with open source drivers” landed me on a black screen that didn’t seem to change much after tens of minutes, and I found myself restarting by holding the power button again and again, always just getting to the grub menu. Can I somehow navigate back into the uefi firmware settings to change the boot order back or fix this in a different way? I thought it would just run Manjaro after the installation that said it would delete wimdows, and all previous settings would be erased, but now I’m just stuck either on the grub menu or on the “no bootable device found” screen.

Welcome at the forum, @thomasp,

Booting into your PC’s firmware has nothing to do with any Linux distro - you simply have to look into your computer manfacturer’s manual. First thing you need to achieve is, to get the USB stick booting again.

For your laptops manufacturer the top google answer is to use F12 / F2 to get into the boot/bios options.