Screensaver or Energy Star features (DPMS) freezes my keyboard & mouse completely on Linux 5.10

After Linux 5.10 is finally recommended as a kernel, I decided to take it another shot.
It seems like I still have this lockscreen issue which prevented me from upgrading to the new kernel version earlier.
Thus I ask for support on this issue.

Once my screen is locked, it’s dead.
It’s two black screens (I have dual screens) for me and no way to get out of it.
I get no keyboard input, not even ctrl + alt + f2, forcing me to restart the computer each time the screen locks.

inxi -F

[folaht@pjehrsohmehj ~]$ inxi -F
System:    Host: pjehrsohmehj Kernel: 5.10.49-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64 Desktop: Xfce 4.16.0 Distro: Manjaro Linux

for x in /var/log/Xorg* ; do echo -e "---$x---\n\n $(cat $x)\n"; done

journalctl -b | grep "lightdm"

I’m posting hopefully relevant information after having seen this post.

  1. So only the keyboard or also the mouse is dead?
  2. Do you mean suspend or just screen lock?

Can’t imagine how just a screen lock of lightlocker could disconnect the keyboard.

From the logs:

jul 14 10:50:39 pjehrsohmehj audit[782]: USER_START pid=782 uid=0 auid=1000 ses=2 subj==unconfined msg='op=PAM:session_open grantors=pam_loginuid,pam_keyinit,pam_limits,pam_unix,pam_permit,pam_mail,pam_systemd,pam_env,pam_gnome_keyring acct="folaht" exe="/usr/bin/lightdm" hostname=? addr=? terminal=:0 res=success'
jul 14 10:50:39 pjehrsohmehj audit[782]: USER_LOGIN pid=782 uid=0 auid=1000 ses=2 subj==unconfined msg='op=login id=1000 exe="/usr/bin/lightdm" hostname=pjehrsohmehj addr=? terminal=/dev/tty7 res=success'

It seems to work…

On the xorg logs i see you re-plug the keyboard…

  1. Mouse too.
  2. Perhaps it’s suspend. I can’t tell.

When I enter


I’m able to get out.

Good. Then i guess it is a issue with suspend. Can you try this:

systemctl suspend

I would rather think that it a an issue with the usb autosuspend. You will need turn it off or set the keyboard and mouse on the blacklist.

I was able to get out of that.
I would like to note that I just found out that I am using light-locker as my screen lock.
I’m not sure if that’s standard.

So when does it happen?

When I type this:

light-locker-command --lock

and wait 2-3 seconds for the lock to set in.
Perhaps the same is true with the other commands.
I’ll check…
Okay, it’s the same with xflock4 and I’m quite sure with suspend as well.

I see you are running xfce. Maybe try removing light-locker and install xfce4-screensaver and enable Lock Screen option from that software.

I’m also using lightdm.
I’ll install xfce4-screensaver again then.

I get the feeling that I installed light-locker for a reason, like xfce4-screensaver was unable to go completely black or something, or maybe I had the same issues with it as I have with light-locker right now.

So this is my new situation:

  1. Whenever my screen goes to sleep/locks, I’m no longer able to get back.
    1.1 Keyboard input or mouse move makes the screen go from sleep to black.
    1.2 Alt+Ctrl+F2 or mouseclick does nothing.
  2. When I do get the lock screen, through moving mouse or keyboard input before the screen goes to sleep, my password is rejected and I am giving a timeout after three tries.
  3. Turning off screensaver in xfce4-screensaver does not turn it off. I still get a blank screen after ~15 minutes of inactivity

When doing this:

xset s off
xset -dpms

I am at least able to blank my screen while being able to return to screen lock.
Though I assume I’m not saving electricity this way.

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